Thanavala Enterprise is the only Indian company which is specialized in applying high performance fluoropolymer coatings on wide range of products which are used in navy, defence and air force.
PTFE Coatings
Xylan Coatings
Teflon SF Coating
Teflon ETFE
Teflon - One Coat
Bakery Trays Xylane Coating
Chemical Resistance Coating
Aerospace Components and Coatings
Marine Coatings
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Plants
Valves Pump
Industrial Springs Products
Fluoro Polymer PTFE Coated Iron Sole Plate
Fluoro Polymer Coating on Chemical Vessels
Fluoro Polymer Coating on Solenoid Plungers
ETFE Coating on Plating Rack
PTFE Non-Stick Coatings
PTFE Coatings for Automotive Components
FEP Coating
Halar ECTFE Coating on Chemical Processing Vessel
Teflon PTFE Coatings
PFA Coating
Temperature Resistant Coating and Stability
Chemical Processing Components Halar ECTFE Coating
Plating Racks Halar Coating
Textile Rollers
New Items
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